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HBN Family Visits Initiative

Boston, MA -- (October 22, 2004) -- Hellenic Business Network Family Visits Initiative: A new initiative with the goal of helping students of Hellenic origin transition to life away from home.

One of the main foundations of Hellenic culture is the notion of family. And indeed, for all of us, some of the most memorable and warm moments of life are those experienced during holidays and celebrations, while sharing a table with your "Goneis", "Yiagia" and "Pappou".

Every year hundreds of new students of Hellenic origin arrive in the Greater Boston area. While their academic and experiential horizons widen immensely, many of them feel that sometimes they miss the warmth of a Greek home. At the same time, many Greek-American households would cordially welcome such a young guest from "patrida" to share their table and experience their hospitality. Thus, it is only the "connecting link" that is really missing; and this initiative aims at providing exactly that.

That is why HBN would like to provide the opportunity to all interested Greek families to be matched up with a new student. And this would be immensely beneficial; not only at the personal level by offering the missing warmth, but also at a wider level, by enabling both communities (mainland and diaspora) to understand each other in a much deeper manner.

So, now that your long-awaited "Anipsaki apo thn patrida" is here, what would be a better way to welcome him/her than being his/hers "Thios apo thn Amerikh"

If you are interested to volunteer towards the realization of this initiative - please contact us at:

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